System status

Get a glimpse of Ariane’s status, including what’s in progress and upcoming.

Component Maturity Status Category
Action button Pre-alpha In progress Buttons
Avatar Pre-alpha Not planned Other
Badge Pre-alpha Considering Communication
Banner Pre-alpha Considering Communication
Bar Pre-alpha Not planned Other
Box Pre-alpha Not planned Layout
Checkbox Pre-alpha Planned Forms
Coach mark Pre-alpha Not planned Communication
Color Pre-alpha In progress Foundations
Column Pre-alpha Not planned Layout
Content Pre-alpha In progress Foundations
Counter Pre-alpha Considering Forms
CTA button Pre-alpha In progress Buttons
Dropdown menu Pre-alpha Not planned Other
Flex Pre-alpha Not planned Layout
Form group Pre-alpha Not planned Forms
Heading Pre-alpha In progress Typography
Hover card Pre-alpha Not planned Communication
Icon Pre-alpha Considering Other
Icon wrapped Pre-alpha Considering Other
Iconography Pre-alpha Not planned Foundations
Illustration Pre-alpha Not planned Foundations
Input Pre-alpha Planned Forms
Interaction states Beta Done Foundations
Layout Pre-alpha Considering Foundations
Link Pre-alpha In progress Typography
Markdown Pre-alpha Not planned Typography
Page title Pre-alpha In progress Typography
Progress circular Pre-alpha Considering Communication
Progress linear Pre-alpha Considering Communication
Progress linear steps Pre-alpha Considering Communication
Progress strength Pre-alpha Not planned Communication
Radio Pre-alpha Planned Forms
Range Pre-alpha Not planned Forms
Section title Pre-alpha In progress Typography
Segment Pre-alpha Not planned Forms
Select Pre-alpha Not planned Forms
Shape Pre-alpha In progress Foundations
Spacing Alpha Done Foundations
Success bar Pre-alpha Not planned Communication
Tab bar Pre-alpha Considering Navigation
Tag Pre-alpha Not planned Communication
Text Pre-alpha In progress Typography
Textarea Pre-alpha Planned Forms
Title Pre-alpha In progress Typography
Tooltip Pre-alpha In progress Communication
Typography Beta Done Foundations
Wrapper Pre-alpha Not planned Layout

Status meaning

  1. In progress: The team is working on the element. The scope of the changes will vary depending on the team's needs.
  2. Planned: The team will move the element to in progress as soon as we finish with the current scope.
  3. Considering: There seems to be either a need or an opportunity to improve them fast.
  4. Done: The planned scope of work is done.
  5. Not planned: These are either lower priority or require a significant effort to improve them.